Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Maiden Voyage

Here we are, all set up and ready to relax! 
We stayed at the Quinault Marina & RV Park.
Look how close we are to the was so nice.
It was really quiet, probably because it was 
mid-week and early in the season.   
The weather was cloudy most of the time, 
but it didn't rain until the morning that we left 
and then only a sprinkle.

We took lots of walks, went into Ocean Shores a few times.
We saw some wild life...some deer and a raccoon. 
(I, of course, did not have my camera with me at the time.)

After a little while it really did feel 
like our home away form home.

As you can see the dogs settled right in...
please note the dog beds on the floor...
but they would rather sleep in the couch.  
We did learn some lessons along the way, 
never trust the seagulls.  
They grabbed one of our steaks while my husband 
stepped into the trailer for just a minute.

Also, make better lists...I had the steak, the chicken, 
but nothing to really go with them.
There are also some little things we need to get,
like pot holders, table cloth for picnic table, 
misc. stuff you have at home 
and don't think about until you need it.  

And we have to get the hot water issue worked out!  
It came out luke-warm once we finally figured out 
where all the by-pass and other valves were.

The next trip is in July for a Family Reunion in Wenatchee.

With love,


  1. Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for your sincere comment.

    Looks like a fab trip, summer is the best time to travel. I just love it! Your dogs Brandi and Maizie are adorable . . .Yep I'm a dog lover!

    I'll be back soon, great stuff here.

    Ciao, Laurie

  2. I hope you had a wonderful trip! It looks like the dog's are enjoying themselves!